Men's Haircuts, Walk-ins only

No Appointments



12pm - 6pm

2819 San Jacinto Blvd

Will run business like I did

at Duval Street Barbershop   :)

Duval Street Barbershop

Phyllis the Barber

Licensed | Professional | FRIENDLY

"Specializes in Men's Haircuts"

Phyllis believes a professional, old-fashioned barbershop should embody a relaxed and family friendly environment – offering fast, precision services.  Phyllis' Specialty is your own individual look that will make you look good with a result of feeling good, a warm neck shave & a hot towel treatment.

Call Phyllis' Private Line: 512-705-5656 for more information.

Phyllis' new business location on

2819 San Jacinto Blvd.

(former location at 4224 Duval Street)



Open Monday-Friday


Walk-Ins Only

Walk-Ins Only